The breed of dog that we have chosen is the hybrid combination of an Australian Shepherd and a standard poodle: an Aussiedoodle. The blending of two words, a portmanteau, creates many interesting “breeds” like the doxie-poo, the yorkie-poo, the cockapoo, the goldendoodle, the labradoodle, the puggle, and the whoodle. One starts to feel like its a Dr. Seuss book (our family favorite was Go Dog Go). The dogs on that list all are part poodle, which says something about how that breed complements other breeds so well.

We loved our Australian Shepherd and liked the idea of finding a puppy that was part Aussie. Intelligent, loyal, attentive, alert, active, and agile. These are traits we saw in our Aussie. Family friends introduced us to their Aussiedoodle, Scout. She is beautiful and very friendly. Something about her eyes and her smile really sparkled. We had not ever met anyone with this kind of dog.

We will definitely have our work cut out for us with two Aussiedoodle puppies. They are active and need exercise. Poodles are actually retrieving dogs. My fit bit is going to log a lot of steps of walks and playtime with these two! They can be shy and need socialization. There will be many playdates with all my friends with dogs. Their coats will need frequent brushing and grooming, but I am told that they hardly shed at all, and have super soft fur.

If you have never seen an Aussiedoodle, aussiegoogle it. They are adorable puppies, and grow to be beautiful (or funny-looking) dogs…depending on how they are groomed. Our two are black with white markings. Pictures and videos will be posted when we get them home!

Four more days until I become a Grizzlybearmama-doodle!


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