Portmanteau Fun

A Labrador and a poodle make a labradoodle
But a cocker spaniel and a poodle make a cockapoo.
How about a labrapoo or a cockadoodledoo?

A Pug and a poodle made a puggle,
But a Whit terrier and poodle make a whoogle.
How about a pugapoo or a whoo?

An Aussie and a poodle make an Aussiedoodle,
But a Yorkie and a poodle make a yorkie-poo.
How about an aussiepoo and a yodle?

Now this makes me wonder about other possible hybrids:
Lowchenoodle, Lhasapoo, Greyhounoodle, Akitapoo, Pitdoodle, Bullpoo, Mini Schnoodle, Chowpoo, Brussels Griffoodle, Beanoodle, Bernepoo, Finish Lapdoodle, and Havapoo.

One thing is for certain, the fun is already beginning as the name Aussiedoodle rolls of my tongue. Three more days…

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