Countdown to PUPPY-doodle Time

With less than 24 hours until the big homecoming, we are ready and excited! For several weeks I have been reading everything I can find on the internet and in some great books I purchased. Like I always have done before starting something, I do the research that will help my readiness. My days as a teacher gave me good practice. As soon as I was given my classroom assignment I would begin the preparations. Bulletin boards, lesson plans, curriculum guidelines. Whether it was sixth grade or second grade, the process was similar. Instead of reading about how to teach the history of Rome to sixth graders, now I am reading about puppy potty training. One seems a lot easier than the other…

It’s not like we haven’t brought a puppy home before. Somehow though, the fact that two nine pound Aussidoodles will be sleeping in our house tomorrow night seems a bit daunting. It may be for the fact that my online search for advice turned up so many cautions against such a choice. Not the Aussiedoodle, just the TWO at one time! Finally, my search turned up an article with suggestions for those adventure-seeking families like ours. These are their four important tips for bringing home TWO littermate puppies at once.

  1. Crate them separately.
  2. Train them separately.
  3. Play with them separately.
  4. Walk and socialize them separately.

At first I was disappointed to hear this as I pictured them comforting each other all night long, and playing together happily. What I learned was how important it is for them to be comfortable without their sibling nearby, and to form a bond with us. There are ways to make this a positive experience when playing or training one at a time. A big plus for us is that there are several of us in the home that can help. When we brought home our puppy fourteen years ago, I felt like I had a herd of four pups at home already. I honestly do not even remember much about her crate training other than standing out under the Texas starry sky at three in the morning wishing for her to pee already.

I will most likely again be outside staring up at the night sky waiting for the puppy to pee, then repeating it again with the other puppy. We are in for double the work, but double the reward! The other advice I was given did not come from a book or the internet. It came from my country friends who’ve had dogs all their lives. “Girl, there is nothing wrong with those puppies sleepin’ together and lovin’ and playin’ with each other!” I will remember those words of wisdom from my experienced friend when I want to let this brother and sister snuggle or play together.

Tomorrow is the big day, and the big reveal of their names, and the first pictures I will share of their adorable faces!


  1. Hi Carolyn!

    I can’t wait to see the pics and hear your updates! I’m happy to come hold or walk puppies if you need help. I’m an animal lover.

    Have fun! Weezie

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