Play, Sleep, Play, Sleep (Repeat)

What a day! We picked up the puppies in a beautiful area of Virginia. We met the mama dog who was very calm and sweet. The puppies seemed shy but were happily placed in our loving arms. We bid farewell to their kind breeder and set off down the country road. Just then a strong scent filled the car. One of the pups pooped. That’s right, not even a mile away and this is what happened.

We pulled over at a service station, pulled the shy pups out and I cleaned our first poop. Good thing I was prepared with puppy wipes! Then they fell right to sleep for the duration of the car ride. Not a peep.

Our kids were waiting for our arrival. We took the excited puppies into the backyard. They loved romping around on the grass. That after about 45 minutes they simply fell asleep right there on the lawn next to our chairs. Actually underneath our chairs! Within another 40 minutes they were up and playing again. They loved the stuffed squirrel and hedgehog we bought them.

They ate dinner as we ate dinner. Then they played in the octagon pen as we finished eating. Then back out to pee, poop, and play. We brought them inside, put some Florida Georgia Line softly on Alexa. Played. Realized that Koda is a chewer. Summer is a snuggler. Then before we knew it, they fell asleep again.

My only question is what’s going to happen the rest of the night? Sweet dreams.

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