TODAY is the Day!

I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning. Today is the day! In less than an hour we will be hitting the road for our four hour car trip to the breeder’s home to pick up our puppies. I sat here on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee with Kitty on my lap, looking over at all of the puppy equipment that has turned our family room and kitchen into a zoo.  I feel ready and excited!

The big reveal that I promised: what names have we chosen for our Aussiedoodles? Many were tossed around, many were suggested and rejected. We studied the pictures of the pups closely to help generate ideas. We landed on two names we all agreed upon.

Summer is the female puppy. Koda is her brother. Summer is the name of one of the dire wolves from the Game of Thrones (a series of which we are big fans). Her brother is smaller and looks like a little bear. Koda means bear, it was also the name of the bear in that Disney movie Brother Bear.  So there you have it, Summer and Koda. We considered two names with the same initial sound and thought otherwise. Perhaps it was us already leaning in a direction of wanting them each to have some independence.

Summer and Koda, we are coming to bring you two home!

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