The Speed of Love

My day started with the little chirps that grew into barks from Koda and Summer, eager to see my face at the door to their shared crate. I am certain that it was not just their full bladders behind their cries. The moment we were in the backyard they jumped at my ankles excitedly. After a little affectionate rubbing on the top of the curls on their heads, they were quick to relieve themselves in the garden. Then they romped around the dewy grass. Just over the four days since they have been here and their boundaries of exploration of have expanded greatly.

This morning they ran circles behind the towering acacia trees. It became hard to keep them in sight. I called out to them, “Koda, Summer, where are you? Come back!” This is when is occurred to me that I am really going to need to train them (and soon) to follow my calls. A little clapping and high pitched “Puppies!” And they safely emerged from under the low branches.  I have the false sense of security that we do have a fenced yard, but they could possibly squeeze through if they really tried.

Four days here and they are already comfortably testing MY boundaries. This means that I need to stay vigilant about keeping them safe in the yard (from predatory birds, eating something hazardous, or squeezing through the fence). They love the freedom of running the lawn, chasing one another and dancing around my ankles. I wear a little fanny-pack loaded with treats and poop baggies. They recognize the fanny pack on my waist and what it means. That’s how I know what quick learners these two are.

What has surprised me most is how fast our bond with them has grown. I did not know it was possible to fall in love so soon with little puppies. Perhaps it was because I had four kids that needed so much of my love and attention when we got our Aussie fourteen years ago. All I know is that I am smitten with these two furry sweethearts. Koda and Summer are quite different from one another. I’ve been taking notes on what I observe and can’t wait to share those with you. I wanted to give it one week, especially since each day they exhibit more uniqueness.

For now, I am reminded or what my good friend says. She has three sons and always told them, “This is how we know God exists, because of puppies and babies!”  I couldn’t agree more, puppies and babies. Just pure goodness and innocence, wanting nothing more than love (and food and sleep and toys).

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