Meet Koda and Summer

NAME:   Koda


WEIGHT AT 9 WEEKS: 10 lbs 8 oz

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: April 22, 2018 in Floyd, Virginia

MOTHER: Australian Shepherd

FATHER: Standard Poodle

BREED: Aussiedoodle

NAME:   Summer

GENDER: Female

WEIGHT AT 9 WEEKS: 11 lbs 2 oz

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: April 22, 2018 in Floyd, Virginia

MOTHER: Australian Shepherd

FATHER: Standard Poodle

BREED: Aussiedoodle

The information listed above includes the simple facts. What it does not describe is what is so special about these two, what makes them different from one another, and how they affect one’s senses. Their smell, their touch and their mannerisms are the essential components to acquainting them to you. Let me try my best to bring you into this space.

I take Koda into my arms, and nuzzle my face into the depths of his downy soft coat.  It’s as if he knows the power of his fleecy fur and the contentment it evokes inside of me. He does not wriggle around or resist. He lets me take in the cushy coiled curls. Then after a moment of bliss, he seals it with a warm puppy kiss on my chin. He has tiny sharp white teeth but saves the gnawing for play and investigation. It’s just wet hot breathy kisses for now.

Summer’s coat is not quite as curly but is very smooth. It makes me think of coming out of a hair salon with my natural curls blown out straight. For a few hours my slick mane is soft to the touch with a few waves. Until the humidity begins to set the spirals in motion. Summer is like that time period before humidity wreaks havoc and produces frizz. Where Koda is all about the crimped curly poodle look. Summer gives sweet wet kisses on the chin just like Koda.

They have totally different face and body shapes. Summer is petite, as the vet called her. Koda is broad faced. Both have square floppy ears that are super soft between my fingers. Summer’s taller than her brother and weighs more, but Koda appears larger. He is round and looks plump. However most of that thickness is actually fluffy fur. They are black everywhere except for a small spot on their chests and their chinny-chin-chins.

What intrigues me about the Aussiedoodle is their human like eyes. At this age it is hard to tell what they will look like when full grown. What I do see is that the eyes are black with a white border. So when Summer is chewing on a rope toy and looks up at me with only her eyes and not lifting her head, the whites off her eyes are revealed. I do not remember this with other pets, definitely different than Kitty’s green cat eyes!

They both have long tails that flip back and forth as they play or await a treat. The tails bend high in the air. I am loving this as our Aussie’s tail was docked so when she wagged her tail she actually wagged her butt.

I am still discovering their personalities. Here are some verbs to describe them: bounding, pouncing, racing, jumping, rolling, sprawling, stretching, creeping, hiding, running, wrestling, barking, digging, licking, retrieving, pulling, peeing, pooping, sleeping, kissing, playing, investigating, sniffing, snuggling, drinking, eating, hiccuping, yawning, chewing, sitting, watching, learning, and resting their heads on each other.

You get the picture. Big sigh. If that list made you tired, then I have been successful at bringing you into my world. I hope you felt a warmness in your heart when reading about holding them in my arms.

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