Big dogs, little dogs.
Red dogs, blue dogs.

Dogs in the hood: Wilson, Otto, Rosie, Bodhi, Bizzy, Hazel, Cooper, Sanibel, Tampa, Muffin, Shiner, Piglet, Winston, Lucky, Lillie, Mu Shu

Dogs across the country: Scout, Spencer, Shiloh, Cookie, Gizmo, Paulo, Oliver

Dogs in doggie heaven: Dot, Janet, Paula, Darcie, Lucy, OJ, Carlo, Tinkerbell, Carlo, Rosco. Bowser, Rusty, Trudi, Cork, Lady, Lucky, Baby, Sumo, Pansie, Cricket, Bailey, Tiki, Mimi, Raider, HeyBoy, Alice, Poppy, Queenie, Tikka

Any dog we forgot to include: YOU are invited to a DOG PARTY!

First we need to get all our shots…and then maybe we start with some individual playdates. But just imagine how fun it would be to all be at the same DOG PARTY at once! (Kitty might feel a little left out though)

Go, Dog. Go! Is a favorite in our household, it’s a 1961 book written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman.

*I am new to this whole online posting thing and still figuring out copywriting rules so I am not inserting my favorite page of that book. PLEASE LOOK THIS PAGE UP! The dog party is awesome! Google “Dog Party by P.D Eastman” and look at the images.  That is what I envision when I watch Koda and Summer out in our backyard. A dog party!


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