I have spent a lot of time observing Koda and Summer. Brother and sister. At first glance it is hard to tell them apart. Look closer and you will see how broad and round Koda is, and the petite face and long legs of Summer. They each have distinct personalities. Summer is the leader, she will be the first to check out something or someone new, then when she gives the all clear, Koda joins her. He is shy at first, then relaxes and loses inhibition. The interaction between the two of these litter mates captures my attention. I sit and watch them play, snuggle, speak, share toys, steal toys, wrestle, and follow one another.

While I know of the importance of their individual development and the need to separate them at times, I also see how much they mean to one another. I can’t help but reflect on my own siblings. Specifically my little sister. My nickname for her was “Pal.” We even sang, “We are pals, pals are we.” We are four years apart. In a family of four daughters, no boys, we are the younger two sisters.

Pal and I played like these puppies. We got physical, sliding down the stairs on my gymnastic mat, running down the main hallway of our house to hurdle over the other, sitting on each other in giggles (nicknaming my pot belly the laughing bubble). We rough-housed until we tired out or someone got hurt. My mom would call out from the sewing room, “settle down girls!”

Our quiet times were when we went to sleep. Sharing a room our whole childhood wasn’t bad. My favorite part was having her in the room to help me fall asleep. I would say,”Scratch my back for the count of 100 and then we will switch.” Somehow I always fell asleep or faked it when it was her turn. The other game was to ask her to name every person in her class. By the time she listed all the students in her class I was fast asleep.

My memories of our days as young sibling pups were always full of giggling, and rolling all over the floor. My own children did the same when they were young. I even referred to the two younger boys as puppies. After a bit of rough play they would be piled onto the sofa zonked out, red-faced and sweaty, watching cartoons. Not sitting up, but in a heap, one head resting on the other’s back. Just like Koda and Summer. Resting until the next surge of rambunctious activity.

Two Aussiedoodle puppies are twice the work, twice the time and patience, twice the cost, but definitely twice the love! I cannot imagine Koda without Summer or Summer without Koda anymore than my childhood without my Pal.

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  1. Loved it!! You forgot the underwear game and playing shark! Your puppy pal is hiking from 7-10,000 feet out of the Maui crater right now! I have a candle lighted for her! Love, Mom

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