Before the hour when night turned into day, the sky was a flawless perfect grey. Without a single star or a wisp of a cloud, the metallic ceiling towered overhead. The crisp black silhouette of the pecan trees held up the silver sky. Details of the leaves still hidden in the dark. Directly above me sat the crescent moon, tilted on its side.

The word “crescent” in Latin means to “bring forth, create, grow, or thrive.” It is the waning crescent. In a few days the next moon phase will begin, a full moon on July 12. Those that pay attention to the lunar cycle are big on balance. The chance that I am outside on the dewy grass before dawn with Koda and Summer, and witnessing so clearly this phase of the moon is serendipity.

I love that word. It’s fun to say. Serendipity is my favorite way to explain the chance happenings that have special meaning and coincidence. Every day for the past two weeks I have been woken up at 5:55 by these puppies. By the time we emerge from the house dawn has broken. A soft yellow already developing across the sky. I do not remember seeing the moon or if I did, giving it a second thought.

But at this pre-dawn hour I sat on the front step rubbing my tired eyes as the pups emptied their full bladders. The quietness and contrast between the ebony and slate grabbed my focus. I lifted my face and studied the perfect crescent moon. I half expected to see a boy sitting on it with a fishing rod. That period between night and day is a curious one. Do I try to get them back into the crates and then head back to bed? Or are they ready to start the day, just an hour early?

The puppies made the choice for me as they lively entered the house and romped around the darkly lit kitchen. Our day was starting. I sat down and googled the moon phases. It was important for me to know whether it was waxing or waning. The end of the cycle or the beginning. Perhaps it was my need to find balance.

Each day these puppies are growing and thriving. I am striving to create desired behaviors and an environment of consistent nurturing. I admit that it is taking a bit of a toll on me. I am like a tired new mom with messy hair, pjs until noon, and napping when my babies nap. I have not seen friends, exercised at the gym or gone out to dinner or movies. I have been in my own heaven with my family, and just soaking in these early days of puppy motherhood. I know things will change. The puppies will grow. I will need to put on clothes by 9:00 am. Life will get busier, and we will emerge from this sweet safe bubble. It happened with the birth of each of my children, and I learned to savor those early weeks.

The crescent moon shone down on me today to remind me of what is important in life for these puppies as well as for myself. Balance.

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