Letter to Mama

Dear Mama,

I am sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I loved that soft bed in my crate and would never ruin it on purpose. But last night I had an accident. I tried and tried to call to you to tell you I needed to go. You probably thought it was just like the other nights when I cry because I miss you in the dark room. But this was different. I did not poop when Papa took us out last night for the last time. You can partly blame Koda, he was distracting me, jumping all over me. Then before I had a chance to do it Papa brought us back inside. I’m sorry Mama. Last night, I know you were really mad when you came downstairs and smelled the room. And I’m sorry you had to throw my soiled bed into the garbage. It won’t happen again Mama. I promise. But please come when I call you, or I might have a hard time keeping that promise.

Love and kisses,

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