Puppy Blog By the Numbers

50 BLOG entries since I began the GrizzlyBearMa BLOG back on June 6th.
13 letters are in the word AUSSIEDOODLES.
21 pounds is the amount that Summer weighed today at her 13 week check up, which is almost twice her weight at her 8 week appointment.
20 pounds is how much Koda weighed today, over twice what he weighed 1 month ago.
6 poops a day per pup, makes it around 1 dozen poops to scoop per day.
7 hours straight is the record for the longest stretch of continuously sleeping.
26 random dog toys strewn across the floor.
7 balls.
4 kongs (2 large, 2 small)
9 stuffed squeaky animals.
6 knotted chew ropes in varying size.
2 dog crates.
1 neon green colored Fanny pack stuffed with treats and poop baggies.
48 pictures I have snapped on my phone of the pups.
4 books about raising AUSSIEDOODLE puppies.
1 iPad where I write blogs when they sleep or look up puppy information.

2 puppies sleeping, eating, and playing.
1 Happy GrizzlyBearMa.


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