I am not going to lie, it was a little exciting to get the notification yesterday that I hit the mark of FIFTY posts on my wordpress blog site. Maybe it’s how one feels when the fitbit wristwatch vibrates when the steps goal is reached, or that little tune that rings when a crossword puzzle is solved (remember my obsession with solving Sunday nights when the Monday puzzle comes out at 6:00?). Whatever the tune, or badge, or pat on the back is, I see it as an acknowledgement for an accomplishment.

My online posting journey started before we brought our two busy puppies home. Not even sure what direction I would take this blog, I just committed to myself to post something each day. Write if I felt like writing, post pictures if I could not find something to write about. A great piece of advice I received from my writing teacher last year was to start writing and “go where the writing takes you.” I have found that many times I begin with an idea that leads me down a different path altogether.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, half the time I have no idea what the next day’s blog will be about. It just comes to me that morning as I am drinking coffee watching the puppies romp around the rug. The other half of the time, I get my ideas at random moments. I’ll be driving and think of something, so I call out, “Siri, Remind me to write about the Big Tree.” Or “Siri, add Interview with Oprah to the list of blog ideas.” I’ve been doing that kind of “thought collecting” for years, yellow sticky notes used before Siri and Alexa came into my life.

So the blog continues. My plan is to keep adding something every day. On Fridays a video will always be posted (some more elaborate than others). Once a week, a book review. Here and there I will sprinkle a little fun with words (poetry, tongue twisters, or lists). But mostly, I will continue to write from my heart as a mother. Raising these two puppies brings up all kinds of thoughts about family psychology, parenting, siblings, etc. As I reflect on memeories of when my children were younger, or when I was a child, I hope you will come with me as I travel to the past. If it makes you think about your childhood or your children or your puppies, then enjoy your own ride down memory lane.  And go wherever my writing takes you…

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