Destruction, Mess, and Mischief with Puppies and Kids

Puppies (as of now):
Two indestructible Kong beds torn open and stuffing removed
Gnawed on: rubber sandals, running shoes, the Alexa cord, the table leg, and anything wooden
Nice beach towel snagged
Two peed on door matts
Plastic nose chew off stuffed bear
Nibbled on corner of area rug
Shredded dropped or stolen napkinsTore apart magazines
Chewed on coffee table books in same place Dot had years ago

My kids:
Marshmallows snowing in the kitchen
painting rocks and sticks while camping turned into face painting (under dads watch)
every single toy taken out of the chest to build a giant machine
sticks, walnuts and rocks collected and secretly stored in a sock drawer until rotten
pantry climbing, foraging and stashing snacks under-the-bed
dress ups (old Halloween costumes) strewn around the room
wet saggy pull-up starts leaking strange white moisture wicking crystals
high chair mess and below high chair mess
naked barbies in piles of outfits
American Girl dolls with uneven cut bangs by my daughter or unbraided Native American Kaia
mud room wet snow clothes all over the floor
shoes piled high in the shoe closet by the front door
teenagers’ rooms
boys toilet area
laundry room with piles of dirty clothes
kids jumping onto the clean warm laundry waiting to be folded
fingerprints on walls
sticky remote controls
wet towels on floors
bikes left in the yard
forts built of bed sheets out on the play set we called the Crows Nest
balls and rafts left floating in the pool
sweaty sports uniforms
backpacks dropped on the floor

Believe it or not, I miss those dirty days with the four kids in the house. So I guess the destruction, mess and mischief of two puppies is tolerable.

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