Big Doggy Dilemma: Allow on Sofa or Not

Koda breaking the sofa rule
Koda breaking the sofa rule

To allow puppies on the sofa or not, that is the dilemma. Up until now, we always held fast to the notion that no dogs would be allowed onto our furniture. Dot was not permitted to, and she obeyed the rule for the most part. I did start to find evidence of pillows strewn about near the couch by the front windows which gave me a sneaky suspicion that when we were gone from the house she climbed. Upon hearing the garage door open or keys turning in the front door she probably jumped down to avoid being in trouble. She new the house rules.

Koda and Summer are learning the house rules, but are receiving some mixed signals. A month ago when my son returned from college he broke the threshold of the sofa rule, eagerly pulling the small pups onto his lap for snuggles. “You can’t do that!” I nagged, and half-heartedly attempted to get my son to follow the rule. The problem was that they were just so soft and tiny, and so eager to be enveloped in their humans’ arms, and I too succumbed to the urge to bring the fur babies close to my heart. But then I would switch up and sternly tell them to stay off the sofa. They obeyed, lost interest, and were happy to doze on the floor beside the comfy furniture.

Puppies are constantly testing boundaries, and trying to see what they can get away with. Over the past few days they have a renewed interest in climbing (or hopping) up onto the sectional sofa. At first it was Koda who quietly made the move and hoped I didn’t notice. I made him get down (after a picture of course). Summer gave it a try a little while later, trying to lay low and blend in with the dark fabric. They both threw all caution to the wind when my teenage son sat down, and leapt onto him, covering him with kisses.

My present dilemma is that I kind of want to allow them snuggle times on the sofa. Their coat is so fluffy and soft, like the thick fur of an alpaca. We have not had them groomed yet, but I brush them out a couple times a day (which they love). They do not shed. They are clean. So is there really any big problem with letting them up on the couch? Kitty gets to, and she sheds a ton! But then a little voice in my head says, “So you let them get away with this, what’s next: the bed?” Whatever we decide about the sofa, we all need to be on the same page. I’m leaning toward permitting sofa snuggling as I am writing this blog entry with Summer tucked warmly against my hip up on the couch.


  1. Bed, couch, kitchen table…whatever you want when you want…they just need to learn to follow your commands: sit stay leave it…off!


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