A Clean Bill of Health for both Puppies

It’s official, the puppies are finished with their rounds of vaccinations. Today at their check up, at four months old, they had their last puppy shots. DHLPP, Bordatella, Canine Flu, and Rabies, check! They are protected and ready to take on the world!

Koda weighed in at 26 pounds, and Summer at 27.2 pounds. Koda’s thick fur gives him the appearance of a heavier mass than his sister. They both have grown taller. Laying down completely stretched out from top of the front paws to tip of the back paws they measure almost 4 feet. This was not an official measurement taken at the vet appointment, it’s what we observed last night on the rug. They received a clean bill of health!

If they stay well, then we will not be back in the vet’s office until it’s time for spaying and neutering. Those fun appointments will take place in late October. Hmmm. What kind of dog costume could I make out of the plastic cone that will be on Koda’s head?

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