A Ball Dropped, Sorry About That

Well, I guess I am not as good a juggler as I had thought. I opened my eyes this morning and it hit me, “I never posted a blog entry yesterday.” That dissapoints me greatly. I haven’t missed a day since I started this blog back in June. It’s not like I was going for a “streak” like the kids are so crazy about with snapchat. It’s more that I made a commitment to myself to at least put something out every day. There is no excuse (even though I have a bunch I could list), I am sorry I did not get a post up on my blog yesterday. I guess it is a reminder to myself to pay closer attention as I am multitasking. Or I could also consider just giving myself a break once in awhile. If you missed my post yesterday that’s great, it means you look forward to reading my blog. Thank you.

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