Football MamaBear

Today I spent the afternoon doing one of my favorite things as a mom. I put on my blue and white shirt, my BSH visor, my #77 player pin, and I cheered on the Knights football team. My youngest had his first game of his last year in high school. He is a captain and a leader on the team. I enjoy the first downs and touchdowns as much as I enjoy seeing the cameraderie between my son and his teammates. The Knights won today’s game!

I’ve been football mamabear for almost sixteen years now. My older son who plays in college found the grid iron at the early age of 5. We were living in Texas, where football starts when the kids are barely out of diapers. Actually, it was in kindergarten, and it was only flag football, which is more like a game of tag at that age. The pads did not go on until 2nd grade. In Texas I began my days of cheering as football mamabear, wearing Dragon spiritwear, putting a sign in the front lawn, and ringing a cow bell when we were driving down the field for a touchdown.

While I went crazy in the stands with the other parents, my husband volunteered his time as a coach.  His team of 3rd graders won the Super Bowl in our area. It was a family affair those Saturdays. My daughter cheered, two sons played on two differrent teams, and then the oldest rode his unicycle around the track of the field. I love the football season of fall. It starts out hot and sweaty in those first few games, then by the playoff we are bundled in sweatshirts, coats, gloves, and hats. I love the change of the leaves on the trees as the season progresses.

Our college age son plays his football game this Thursday night. Instead of driving a few hours away, as I did for today’s game, we will be flying to New Orleans for his game. I have made arrangements for Koda and Summer.  I’ve got my black and gold spiritwear set out. I am ready for some more football!


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