Questions Circling Around in My Brain

What made us decide to start over again with puppies (babies) when we were just about to be empty nesters?

Did we really think through this whole TWO puppies at the same time thing?

Were we aware of the fast rate these puppies would grow?

How long did we actually think these puppies would stay small?

What was I thinking getting two identical black dogs that are next to impossible to tell apart without looking underneath?

Is that Koda or Summer?

When is the smart “Aussie” part of the Aussiedoodle going to kick into their training?

How can I get them to walk together without getting the leashes tangled around my body?

I wonder if I could teach them to wipe their wet chins on a towel after they drink from the bowls to avoid water dripping everywhere?

What is Summer dreaming about when she gives little yelps as she dozes in the floor?

Why does Koda bark at dogs, people, and leaves blowing across the road?

Is there anything sweeter than the soft curly fluff on the tops of their heads?

Do these puppies know how much we love them?

When will the fans and tents finally be removed from my water damaged kitchen so we can get back to normal?

Is there more wine?

Did I make any grammar or spelling errors like I sometimes do in my other blog posts?

Is this probably enough for the question asking post?



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