Puppies Find their Voices (and have a lot to say)!

The puppies cam home from school very talkative today. Up until now their barking as been fairly predictable. Summer barks from the crate to tell me she wants to be freed from lock up. She can be persistent even when she does not have to go out to to potty but just wants to roam free. Her high pitched stuccato calls die down when she realizes I am not coming to free her. Koda is the real deal. If he barks from his crate it means he really has to go. He is also the better of the two to vocalize his needs at the door. Summer will simply walk in circles to make her point. Koda barks on walks at other dogs, people, and moving objects. When my husband wears his big work boots and sun glasses before doing yard work Koda barks like crazy.

Ever since we got them the two puppies have also loudly wrestled and yapped at one another, but tonight seemed different. They have been around other dogs so maybe they picked up new some phrases. I remember each time I brought Dot, our Aussie, home from being boarded; she would howl in the car like a beagle. I laughed and said she was singing camp songs she learned while there.

So maybe Koda and Summer have found their voices. I do not mind it too much outside. But they can be quite loud right next to me on the sofa (still wondering what we were thinking about that decision). Take a little listen.

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