DLOGGing can be dangerous.

Every once in awhile Grizzlybearma needs a little break. I’m talking about getting out of the house, and out on the town. So here I am in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s my first time here. Delicious dinner in a quaint restaurant down a side street off  Bourbon Street. Live music everywhere. Drinks. A beautiful fancy hotel room. This is quite a treat! And we have not even gotten to the main event: tomorrow night we cheer on our son in a football game against Tulane University. My belly is full from a scrumptious dinner and sweet berry cocktails. I could have passed on the last cocktail after dinner listening to the live jazz music. But I am in NOLA so why not make this break a fun one!

I just crawled into my comfy bed with a tasseled canopy and realized I had yet to write my blog. With only minutes left in this day, I did not want to break my commitment. So I wrote. Blogging after drinking can be dangerous. Hope my post is  ok and well read. If not, chalk it up to DLOGGing (drunk blogging). Good night, big day tomorrow for Koda and Summer’s  big brother.  Geaux Deacs! Bear Tulane!

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