Goodbye Summer Vacation

Goodbye summer vacation…
Farewell long days lounging by the swimming pool with a tall tumbler full of iced Diet Coke.
I will miss reading all the trashy chick literature and gossip magazines.
Hoping my bronzed skin will not fade too quickly.
Goodbye to late night binge watching of cable movies, and wake-whenever-my-eyes-open mornings.
So long to the spontaneous road trips to the beach.
See ya next year bikini and shorts that were my daily uniform for the past three months.


THIS definitely does not describe the summer I have had in 2018. This sounds more like the summer of 1981.

This is more like it:

Goodbye humidity that fogs up the outside of my house windows.
So long fans that crowded around my kitchen to dry out my flood damaged wood floors.
See ya later rain that ruined fun summer plans too many times this summer.
Hope to not see you for a long time mosquitos!

Actually, while I am eager to move into the next season for the cooler weather and my favorite sport football, there are some highlights that I would be remiss if not mentioned.

TWO AUSSIEDOODLE puppies named Summer and Koda joined our family in June.
WWW.GRIZZLYBEARMA.COM was created, and continues daily.                                 And finally, I had all six of my family members under the same roof several times this summer. In May, in July, and then for my birthday.

Goodbye summer vacation of 2018! You will not be forgotten!

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