Friends at the Cabin

It was an exciting day for Koda and Summer here at the cabin. Not only were they in their favorite place, but they had friends visit! Bizzy and Hazel came out to the country. Both are small size dogs used to suburban life. So imagine their delight and surprise to jump out of the car door onto the gravel driveway to find  rolling tall grass, large trees and a pond. I bet the country air even smelled different.

Koda and Summer came barreling towards Bizzy as he emerged from behind the parked car. They barked and wagged their tails circling around him. Bizzy seemed scared at first and ran behind his Mama. In a matter of time, they all relaxed inside the cabin. Then Hazel arrived. She wasn’t shy about checking out where the gravel road led, until the welcoming party came barking out to meet her. She did a 180 and trotted back for her car. Her Mama picked her up and brought her in.

While the women chit chatted and snacked, the pups all got along just fine. No fights. Just checking each other out and then walking around in circles.

Towards the end of the visit each one found a cozy spot to relax. Hazel snuggled on her Mama’s lap in an arm chair. Bizzy curled up in his Mama’s lap on the sofa. Then Koda AND Summer took up the rest of the sofa next to Bizzy’s Mama. Thank goodness Grizzlybearma’s friends are dog people!

Koda and Summer have made some new friends and hope they will return again soon for another visit to the cabin!


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