9/11 Never Forget

Every year on the anniversary of 9/11 I wake up and remember that awful day. The first few years I would sit glued to the television as they broadcast the reading of all the names of the victims. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, friends, coworkers, firemen…so many loved ones lost. Then there were the years that I would rewatch the Today show broadcast from 2001. Transported back to the morning in Texas when I flipped on the tv while making breakfast for the kids, and watched with Katie and Matt as second plane hit the tower. Shock, sick to my stomach, scared, worried, confused, saddened, I tearfully called my mom in California. My children were too young to understand, so I tried to keep the graphic footage out of their view.

This year on 9/11 I did not turn on the television. I woke up in my happy place, snuggled in the soft cotton sheets of the bed at our cabin. Koda and Summer woke up, I took them out to potty. Then I took a cup of coffee out to the screened porch and sat gazing across the foggy pond. The peacefulness of the moment and having my sweet puppies nearby made me not even comtemplate the date of today. I just felt blessed and happy.

It wasn’t until I was packed up and we were in the car heading back home. I turned on the radio and heard the broadcaster talking about where he was 17 years ago. I swallowed the large lump in my throat. How did it slip my mind this morning? I cannot imagine how hard it must still be for all the families who lost loved ones. I gave a big sigh, and continued to listen to the people on the radio pay tribute to the victims.

I sit here in bed now with Kitty on my legs. If you recall her name we gave her when we brought her home was Liberty. It was September 11, 2002, and I had spent the morning in tears watching tv. I picked up my son from preschool and told him I was sad and that I needed to be cheered up. So we went to the pet store to pet puppies. That’s when we saw this beautiful tabby kitten behind the glass looking right at us. I asked to pet her, and knew immediately that she was coming home with us. Liberty seemed the most fitting name for her on this sad day.

Over time Kitty kind of took over the name Liberty. She gave me so much comfort that first day, and continued to all through these years. I look at Kitty (Liberty) and I remember.

Liberty aka Kitty
Liberty aka Kitty

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