I Change My Mind a Lot

I change my mind a lot. Like Bobby Brown sings, “It’s my prerogative.” Anyone who knows me well knows I struggle with reaching a final decision and then more often than not I end up flip flopping.

What does this have to do with Aussiedoodles or motherhood? Both require my planning and decision making. But both also need my flexibility. Change something that isn’t working. Stop something that is a waste of time or money. Follow my gut feeling, even if that means reversing a previous decision.

I found a new puppy school when the previous trainer was rude and the behavior modification techniques were strange and somewhat ineffective. There have been many other little things that I switch up. I am at peace when I reroute things and get smooth sailing. I only wish those around me could take my indecisiveness and frequent change of mind in better stride.

This morning I decided to travel down to see my son’s college football game. The storm path shifted south and it appeared to be moving slower. So we jumped in the car and drove down the four hours to his game. I was happy to be in the stands and to hug him afterwards on the field. Much better than seeing him on a tv screen. I am glad that I changed my mind from last night’s decision.

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