Auntie Bear and Uncle Bear are welcomed by Koda and Summer

The puppies met more family today. Uncle Bear and Auntie Bear came to visit. From the moment the puppies smelled them their tales wagged and tongues licked. For not ever having met them they immediately recognized the closeness between all of us. Just as my kids can sense when old friends mean something special to us, and shed all shyness, the puppies relaxed immediately.

Their keen awareness of our inner feelings affects their behavior. If they sense fear in me, they take a protective stance, barking and standing tall. But if they sense my excitement and warmth for the visitor then the puppies are eager to love on them as well.

Good thing our relatives are dog people too! Sitting on the sofa was an open invitation to the lap snuggling and wet whisker kisses. Auntie Bear was thrilled to finally meet them in person, as she follows my blog.

Her comment cracked me up. The pictures on my blog did not show how big they have grown. She is right! That’s what I am saying! These Ausssiedoodle puppies are huge! The term “puppies” conjures up the image of tiny twelve pound pups not these 35 pound gangly tall furry dogs.

Yes, they are cute, but puppies they are not. I will try to start referring to them as dogs from now on. It’s still an endearing term I may use in calling them to me. It is like when I speak softly and gently to one of my children. “Sweet lamb,” I say in a comforting voice (just like my mother does).

Dogs are very perceptive. They recognize tone of voice, affectionate words, and relationships of the humans in the house. Koda and Summer can tell how much we love having Auntie Bear, Uncle Bear and Gramma Bear here in our home. Even with all the commotion of people in the kitchen and louder voices, the dogs settled down peacefully on the sofa. I feel the same contentment. It’s great to have family here.

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