A little game of proofreading.

If any of you have caught on each post I unintentionally leave errors. Sometimes they are grammatical mistakes and other times they are spelling goofs. The nature of blogging is writing from the top of the head, glancing back over the piece one or twice and then hitting “publish now.” I have this habit of then going to my website and reading the published post. Without fail there is always an errror or two that I missed in my final read through before publishing. Have you caught those errors? He good are you at finding spelling and grammatical errors? Let’s just see.

The following passage has many errors. See if you can spot them all.

Aussidoodles are a blend of australian shepherd and standard poodle. Our puppies Koda and Summer came from the same litter.  Some people warened us on the intranet that geting too puppies from the same litter were not a good idea. We decided to go for it, and have not lookd back. These puppies has added so much to our lives. They are sweet, cuddly and smart. I take them on walks and I give them baths and I give them bones to chew on. Koda is the loud one and Summer is the quieter mischevious one. Both are excited about there time in the backyard. they chase eachother and run laps around the trees. The best part about havin these puppies aroud is that it feels like home.

I may not always proof my work effectively, but I will continue to give it my brief examination before hitting the “publish now,”

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