Gets a New Look

Good morning! Today I am reorganizing my blog site. It feels good to get a new look for my home page. After 150 plus posts, I thought it was time for a little freshening up. One thought I had is that I occasionally get new followers, and most of them have not read my earlier posts. It is my goal to make my site easier to navigate. If you want to read something light or need a good laugh then I need to make that more accessible to you. If you’re in the mood for a long in-depth serious post, I have written those as well. The titles of my pieces do not always reveal the content of the post. I’m working on all of this. And if you’re

Mama Bear frustrated at the computer.

are wanting to simply sit back and watch my amateur film-making skills, I’m going to group all my Friday film posts together.

Bare with me, I am technologically challenged. I may have the gift of gabbing on the keyboard, but reconfiguring and customizing websites is painful for me. Widgets, menu bars, and options can frustrate me. Thank God for online tutorials and Google. So have a little patience as I rework  I’ve got many more stories about Koda and Summer, my four kids, my four sisters, my parents, my awesome husband, PapaBear, my friends and just life in my neck of the woods.

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