Impromptu Poodle Party

Impromptu poodle party on our way past the puppies’ pals’ pad. It’s true. It was a pod of part poodle puppies we purposely passed while on our poop walk. Pardon me if I politely part from this particular perpetuation of using the letter P while I describe the details of this part poodle pal imprompto playdate..

In the distance from up the street, I could make out the gathering of two young dogs and their owners standing in the front yard of the corner house. The closer we got, Koda and Summer tugged forward on their leashes. We approached the group in almost a run, me just trying to keep up. Rosie and Otto turned in our direction as soon as they heard Koda’s deep bark. Tails wagging the dogs greeted each other nose to nose. Curls and fluff on four legs circled around the women chitchatting in the driveway.

Otto is a standard poodle who looks like he could be related to Koda and Summer. He is about 5 months older than them, has a short tail and a longer poodle nose. But his soft curly short coat is black, just like Summer and Koda. This similarity broke down a barrier immediately. “Hey we look alike! Let’s play!” Otto was very excited to see not only one dog that looked like him, but TWO! It was instant connection.

Rosie is a border collie doodle (half standard poodle and half border collie). She is a couple months older than Koda and Summer. She has a beautiful black and white coat, her markings are crisp and clean. Rosie weighs about 25 pounds and looks the size of what I thought my aussiedoodles would be (instead of the 43 pounds they weigh right now). Rosie stuck out amongst the three black poodle dogs.

Since we were on our walk I was wearing my mama bear fanny pack filled with little poop bags decorated with little paw prints and a pouch full of soft chicken smelling treats. Otto noticed my aromatic fannypack right away and kept jumping up on my and sniffing his pointy poodle nose around the treat compartment. I asked his mama if it was ok to give him a treat? Then I said, “Sit.” Rosie sat right away, followed by Koda and Summer. All three were actually trained at the same “boarding school” and knew the command well. Otto on the other hand did not show any recognition of the word sit. He was adorable though and it did not bother me a bit that he did not know to sit. I gave each of the four dogs a treat, even sweet jumpy Otto.

We talked for a bit as the fluffy friends circled, sniffed, followed, and wagged tails. Then one of the male dogs (who shall remain unnamed) got a little frisky and started to jump on the backside of the other dogs. Nope, nope! That’s when you know it’s time for the impromptu poodle party to disperse. Off we went on our walk. So long Otto and Rosie!

Next time I will make sure to take pictures of the pretty poodle puppies playing with their pals!

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