Hey Shark Tank, How About These Product Ideas?

Some of the best products are thought up when people find solutions to common problems. I do not consider myself an inventor or an entrepreneur but I am a solution finder. Lately several things are driving me nuts: wet aussiedoodle beards, mud tracked into the house by the dogs, and accidentally getting dog doo on my hand when I am bagging up poop. Sorry for that last one, yuck! So it got me thinking about what products I would pitch to Shark Tank. Check them out:

The Bandana Bib
Does your doodle dribble water from his beard every time he drinks from his bowl? Then you need to get him the Bandana Bib. It’s a triangular bandana made of super absorbent material and comes in different colors and patterns. Simply tie it around your dog’s neck, then anytime your pooch takes a drink you can easily sop up the hanging wet beard with the Bandana Bib. No more wet floors or wet puppy kisses.

The Paw Dunk a Dunk
Tired of muddy paw trails on your hardwood floors? Having trouble keeping your house clean during those rainy days when the pups still have to go outside? It’s time for your hose to get a Paw Dunk a Dunk. This special invention reduces the amount of dirt and debris tracked into the house. It takes a little bit of training of your dogs to use each time they come through the door, but once they get in the habit, your dogs will insist on clean paws! This 18 by 24 plastic pan is lined with a thick spongelike insert. Fill to the line with clean water and a dash of Paw Dunk a Dunk soap. Each time your pup enters, he will step into the plastic pan, two paws at a time. The Paw Dunk a Dunk Scrubby Dub Mat is sold separately but is a great addition to the Paw Dunk a Dunk. Clean paws mean clean hugs!

Disposable Doody Gloves
No more stinky accidents during pet poop pickups. End the hassle of turning baggies inside out and chancing a bag slip. Just place the Disposable Doody Gloves on both hands, pick up the poops and place in Doody Bags then dispose of it all.  Hands and yard stay clean and fresh smelling! For a little extra, you can also buy the Doody Glove Compartment. This small rectangular plastic rod hangs from your dog leash. On one side it contains the Disposable Doody Gloves and Bags, and the other is an air tight compartment large enough to store two doodies until you get home from your walk or reach a public garbage can. No need to hold onto the bagged warm stinky doody on your walk. It’s safely tucked away in the Doody Glove Compartment hanging from the leash. If you have two dogs you can get the Double Doody Glove Compartment with more storage.

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