Size Does Not Matter

Size does not matter, but somehow I am fixated on the unanticipated large size of Koda and Summer. Maybe it is because there are two of them, or maybe it is because their tiny puppy stage flew by so quickly. Either way I keep thinking about it. Yesterday their Halloween costumes arrived from Amazon. It was only a few days ago that I placed the order, so I know they could not grow any larger in the few days it took for the costumes to arrive. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large are tough to gage in dogs. In terms of canine apparel, I think of Great Danes as wearing extra large, and Chihuahuas in small. So I ordered Summer and Koda size large costumes. It was a matter of minutes before I had the packages opened and was calling the dogs over to try them on.

Dog costumes are typically worn with the front legs going into two holes, with fabric extending over the dog’s back. I could tell right away that these were both going to be snug, but I still squeezed Summer and Koda into their adorable outfits (which will be reveals in a post closer to Halloween). Ordering them larges was like me grabbing a size 8 when I am really a size 12 (actually who am I kidding, grabbing a 12 when I am really a 14 or 16). Snug fitting small clothing only makes the dogs long and tall body more pronounced.

The size of my dogs may have been a surprise to me because of the picture the breeder gave me of the poodle father. Look closely, he seems pointy nosed and petite for a standard poodle when in the sitting position with the camera angled a certain way. This week I came across another picture of their poodle dad because he fathered another litter and the breeder posted more pictures of Pop. Now I see where they get their long body and legs. Poodle Dad is so big! His head is poodle pointy and petite, but not his body. If you take the round fullness of the Australian Shepherd mom’s head and put it on the large poodle dad’s body, you get Summer and Koda.

Maybe I will finally stop talking about it now that I have solved the “How did they get so big?” question. I love them just the way they are. Long legs to wrap around my shoulders from behind me when I sit on the edge of the sofa to tie my shoes. Tall enough to pop their heads up above the baby gate to greet me. Sometimes they even curl up into a small ball of black fur. Large or small, they are sweethearts. Size does not matter.

Really tall poodle dad
Really tall poodle dad

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