GrizzlybearGrandpa Gets Kisses from Koda

Koda and Summer jumped all over my dad. The moment he and my mother stepped inside our house to meet the puppies for the first time, there was nothing but love and attention for the Grizzlybeargrandparents! I believe that dogs can sense who someone is and what they mean to us. If it’s a repairman to service the air conditioners they bark like crazy. But if it is two people who look and sound like Mamabear then the energy is different. They know how much we loved and miss these special visitors. My parents traveled from California to spend the weekend with our family. They loved meeting the puppies in person. I warned my dad that sitting on the sofa (especially in my spot on the corner) was inviting kisses. He was okay with that.

One comment

  1. Yes, we loved meeting them in person and fly like we already knew them and knew how cuddly they would be!

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