A Lesson in Sharing: Koda and Summer Brought Nose to Nose by a Deer Antler

There is a scene in the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp” where the two dogs are at a romantic dinner eating spaghetti and the noodle in their mouths brings them nose to nose as they consume it. This sweet face to face closeness is playing out right here in our house. Instead of a long spaghetti noodle it’s a short deer antler. It is the highly coveted item from the toy basket. I picked it up a while back and has only recently garnered interest from Koda and Summer. It’s real; my husband thought they found it outside at the cabin, not at the pet store where I actually got it.

Most of our toys are bought in pairs. This five inch antler is the only one of its kind in our house. The pattern starts with Koda picking it up, then Summer comes along and takes it right out of his mouth. The dog who has it usually moves to the highest ground (the top of the throw pillows on our sofa). This is where the “Lady and the Tramp” scene plays out. Koda and Summer will be atop the high perch of pillows and proceed to each gnaw on one side of the antler. It does not last too long but for a short bit they are nose to nose happily sharing this  antler.4B23F94A-3511-4ED4-84F8-DEE7AAF1563C

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