Aussiedoodles on Fortnite?

My dogs do not play Fortnite, but if they could I bet they’d be good. Odds of Summer or Koda learning to manipulate a mouse, keyboard or controllers are quite low with their thick paws. They will not be playing Fortnite anytime soon, but if they could, here is why I think they would be victors at this battle royale:

1. They both track movement very well. Even the slightest dart of something crossing their line of sight grabs their attention.

2. These dogs are quick! Not simply fast runners, but dodging and diving on a dime. They need to be fast to run away from storm closing in on them in the game.

3. They are very observant and learn fast. This is key with Fortnite as the skills to survive are attained through actually playing the game or watching someone good play the game.

4. Koda and Summer would do well in squad play on Fortnite because they work as a team all the time. No one gets left behind. Always looking out for their squad members would be a priority for these Aussiedoodles.

5. They would be all about the wardrobe in the Fortnite game. I observed this on Halloween. Koda loves his cape!

6. Collecting supplies in Fortnite is a no-brainer. All Summer does is steal things, so taking stuff from stashes would be easy for her.

7. Fortnite is a stage of sorts. People watch you. What puppies do not like to perform for others? These Doodles would eat that up.

8. Connecting with family is important to Koda and Summer and both their human brothers play Fortnite. How awesome would that be to fly down on a parachute and run around with the bros!

9. The second to last reason these dogs would be good at Fortnite is that it’s all about higher ground in the game. Koda and Summer climb to the top of the sofa every time they play. Something about being above everyone.

10. The last point I will make about these dogs likely being good Fortnite competitors is just that. They are true competitors. Racing, chasing, retrieving, circling, pouncing, and hiding are all things these pups do well. If they could manipulate the controllers with their fluffy paws, I bet they’d reach Victory Royale every time!


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