Proud GrizzlyBearMa Moments

This is the longest stretch I have gone without writing any posts for my blog. Not counting the short video I threw onto the website on Friday, it has been four days since I posted about puppies, motherhood or life. As for the puppies, I have not seen them since Thursday. This mama bear got to take a little break and leave the cave for a few days. While I miss the soft fluffy curls of Koda and Summer, I know that once my short trip is over I will have plenty of time to snuggle on the sofa with them when I get home.

My getaway began with a quick jaunt down to North Carolina where my husband, my daughter and I cheered on the Demon Deacons against the Wolfpack. It was a nail-biter of a game that ended with a touch down pushing the Deacs ahead in the final 30 seconds. The best part of the win for me was watching my son be in the right place at the right time and make that winning catch. From my spot in the stands I could see the excitement on his face and the celebration with his teammates in the end zone. Definitely a proud GrizzlyBearMa moment!

That exhilarating game was followed up by my youngest son’s senior night. It would be his last high school football game if they lost, or another if they won. Before kick-off, the parents escorted their sons out onto the field between a tunnel of players and coaches. Each senior was announced. I looked over at my son, standing 6’3”, between my husband and I. Our silent exchange of eye contact spoke volumes of the gratitude that we felt at that moment. Our son had worked hard and had traveled down a path that was not always smooth, and here he was. This young man had become a strong leader on a team that needed him, not just his football finesse and athleticism but his enthusiasm and encouragement to others. I could not have been more proud or grateful standing on the wet grassy football field arm and arm with my son.

When the game ended and our team lost, his season ended, his high school football days were finished. That was a hard lump to swallow. Being the Mama Bear that I am, it hit me pretty hard too. I cried. The senior boys cried. We hugged our sons and walked toward the parking lot. When I looked back I saw that my son and several others were kneeling and sitting on the 40 yard line, simply not yet ready to leave their field for the last time. That image tugged at my heart.

Two nights in a row, I embraced my role I cherish so much. I was proud GrizzlyBearMa in the football stands. I wore the colors, the pins, the numbers, etc… of my son and rooted him to do his job well and for his team to win. Right by my side sat my husband doing his PapaBear thing. We love supporting our kids whether it’s out at football games, inside at volleyball games, or at concerts. We know how quickly they grow up and things change so we enjoy every moment. Koda and Summer will get all of our cheering and support some day when they do agility competitions.

The morning after my son’s senior game I hopped on an airplane to New York to meet up with high school friends. That will be described in more detail in tomorrow’s blog post. It is not a bad idea for a mama bear to get out of the cave once in awhile. I miss the puppies but I know they are in good hands with Papa Bear.

Mama Bear in the stands.
Mama Bear in the stands (with the cow bell).


  1. I enjoy all of your posts Carolyn and I especially can’t relate to that one. Glad you are looking at all of the positives. You and Kevin have been such big supporters of your kids and all of their journeys! Proud to call you guys friends.


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