Giving Thanks for…

My house filled up with our complete family
Opening up a door to a fully stocked refrigerator or pantry
Cocktails with old friends in a poolside cabana all afternoon
Serving an ace when I am tired and need to close out a game that keeps going to back to deuce
Toilet paper left on the roll
My mother’s hands in mine
A touchdown scored to win the game by our son
Mother’s day cards made by my kids
Bare feet in the cool sand and warm sun on my skin
Wide open mouth puppy yawn with a little high pitched peep
Guacamole and chips
Crawling into crisp clean sheets
The first sip of hot coffee in my ceramic Mama Bear mug
Hearing the eight note melody that plays when I have solved a crossword puzzle on my iPad
Children, freshly bathed, in clean pajamas, listening to a bedtime story
Snow falling and cancelling all activities
Those ten minutes after hitting the snooze button buried deep beneath the warm down comforter
A fluffy puppy snoozing at my side and the other one on my foot
Laughing out loud at episodes of The Office
Chocolate anything
The final 2 minutes of an exercise class
Fire in an outdoor firepit or even better in a large stone fireplace
Brussel sprouts roasted
A full tank of gas
Getting to the bottom of the dirty laundry basket before anything else gets added
Kind strangers
Fast fast food
Patient thorough doctors
Comments on my blog to indicate someone out there is actually reading it
Crispy margherita pizza
Getting to the third chapter of a book when it really starts to pull me in
The smell of a torn fresh mint leaf, and then the taste of a mojito
Realizing my clocks never were changed and I have an extra hour
Playing scattagories or balderdash with my family and laughing so hard it hurts
Thanksgiving meal
Live music coming from one of the random instruments my son picks up
Someone else doing the dishes
Getting an unsolicited hug from my teenage son
Any Pie with whipped cream
Puppies running in circles on the grass, and burning energy

Sitting with a mimosa near my husband while he stuffs a turkey
Brown, orange and yellow leaves in the trees
Listening to my daughter and son talk while drawing and coloring in the other room
The freedom to write what I please and post it out there on the internet
Chex mix

Mama's Mug
Good morning from GrizzlyBearMa!


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