Spay-Neutering Eve

Tomorrow is the big day. Koda and Summer go to the vet in the morning for their spaying and neutering. As any mother would be, I am a little bit nervous. It’s been on the calendar for awhile and I know it is necessary. It is a very common procedure. That does not change the fact that it is surgery. Both dogs will be going under general anesthesia, then having their fertility parts altered and/or removed.

Please send a little prayer or good energy our way for smooth sailing at the vet and then speedy healing. I do not want my babies to endure any pain, and I’ll be doing everything I can to make them comfortable when I bring them home tomorrow evening.

I will spare my readers any “tmi” details and instead update you on their well-being. For now, it’s sweet dreams to my fertile fluffy furry Aussiedoodle pups! Summer and Koda asleep under the table during dinner (notice the missing area rug they destroyed)

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