It’s Christmas Eve and we are all HOME!

I’m home! We are all home! At last, all of my kids are under the same roof. It’s Christmas Eve and for the first time in a many months I am waking up with a full house. Last night we got home from a five day road trip to watch our son’s football team play in a bowl game. The wrapped presents are under the lit tree, but the best gift is being able to have everyone home this year.  

Yesterday we were only half-way through our ten hour drive when my football playing son beat us back home since he took a flight with the team. I sent him to go pick up the puppies from the boarding resort. He said he did not even recognize Koda and Summer. It had been several months since he’d seen them in person, I guess they’ve grown quite a bit in that time. Or maybe I have just gotten used to their enormous size. In their excitement of seeing him the wrong collars were placed on them.

He sent us a picture of their freshly bathed cuteness in the back of the car. I noticed right away that Koda had on Summer’s purple collar and name tag. Koda is green and Summer is purple. That is actually the way the breeder referred to them in the litter, “Green collar and Purple collar.” We just continued that. These two black aussiedoodles look VERY similar. I like to keep bandanas or sweaters on them just to be able to tell them apart. Most importantly, they are home and they smell good.

We are all home! It’s Christmas Eve! Mama Bear is very happy!

Wrong collars…
Purple collar and Green collar

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