Goodbye to 2018!

Some New Years Eves I am eager to flip the calendar over to the next page and start the new year. This is not one of those evenings. 2018 has been a year  with many blessings. It’s also been one where time seems to be speeding by and I’d just like it to slow down a bit.

In June we got the puppies! Who knew how much love we would have for these two Aussiedoodles? I could never have predicted the awesomeness of this new chapter of “motherhood” with Koda and Summer. PapaBear and I are loving it! I started writing this Blog about family and the puppies. Family is everything to us and 2018 was a great year for family!

We vacationed with all four kids in Atlantis over spring break. Pool time, swimming with dolphins. dinners and gambling will all go down as cherished memories with the fam.  Then in June we brought home the tiny puppies. From then on they grew faster than we could measure. By Fall we were into the senior seasons of  football. Family from California and Arkansas made the trip out for several games. Then our lifelong friends came for a visit. So much fun!

2018 sailed by quickly as the puppies increased to five times the 10 pounds that we received them. Our youngest child finished the first half of his last year of high school. He chose his college and committed to play football, so the next 6 months are sure to fly by way too fast for this MamaBear!

My heart is full. Our family just  celebrated a wonderful Christmas together. 2018 was a great year. I sit here in our cabin in front of a roaring fire with the puppies sprawled out below me and PapaBear on my left. Cheers to 2018! Happy New Years to all!82CC9ACB-F50B-4E2F-86F4-24B18D036D99


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