Aussiedoodles’ New Year Resolutions for 2019

In this new year 2019, I, Koda, and I, Summer, put forth the following resolutions:

  1. We will keep our most rambunctious playtime outside of the house, in the backyard, out of the wet muddy areas.
  2. We will bark hello to neighbors at the fence no earlier than 8 am.
  3. When we are called to the back door, we will come at once.
  4. One at a time we will allow you to scrub our paws clean as we enter the house.
  5. We will rest after eating our meal so that we do not barf it up.
  6. Every day we will let you brush and comb our coats so that we don’t get matted.
  7. Whenever you want snuggles we will be at your side.
  8. We will excitedly greet visitors, but hold back from piddling on the wood floor.
  9. Even when our whiskers are dripping from drinking water, we will still give kisses.
  10. We will continue to practice the training commands like come, sit, stay, off and down.


One comment

  1. All in favor say, “I” and the “I’s” have it. Koda and Summer will achieve all of their New Year Resolutions in 2019. Amen


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