Bicentennial Blog Bonanza!

Not to toot my own horn, but “toot toot!” Just the other day I got a notification from wordpress that I hit my 200th blog post. It surprised me because I do not keep track of those things until they are brought to my attention. Two hundred different times I have hit the “publish” button. Now some of those may have been re-submitting a video that had not been converted correctly, but that did not happen too often. My two hundred posts have taken place since I started this blog last June.

It feels like quite an accomplishment to have stuck with this day after day. I wish I had such dedication to my diet and exercise! The strange thing is that I have never in my life been a journaler. Sure, Grandma gave me a little red square diary with a lock and key, but I never got farther than two or three pages (days). As an adult, I have bought myself beautiful gratitude journals and had the best intentions of following Oprah’s advice. Write something you are grateful for each day, The first week went fine, the watercolor flower covered journal sat untouched on my bedside, the rest of the pages empty of gratitude. Just because I was not recording my thoughts, I was feeling blessed and grateful.

So how am I able to sustain the effort to post on my blog 200 times? Who knows? It may be that I am so smitten with these two aussiedoodles that I find everything they do adorable and worth sharing. Or it may be that I love retelling family stories because of how much I treasure them. I also believe that this blog has become a “friend” who I like to reach out to and share my thoughts about anything and everything with. It’s like a friend that shows interest by sometimes saying, “uh, huh, go on, tell me more.” Or maybe the friend who just lets me babble on and on about my kids or puppies because she loves me so much she knows I just want to share. So she listens.

Thank you “friend” for being there over the past two hundred posts. I hope you continue to read about my aussiedoodles and my grizzlybear family.  Even if you just check in once in awhile or catch my silly videos each Friday, I am happy to have you with me. I will continue to keep this blog going, who knows when I will hit the next milestone! WordPress will surprise me. For now I will celebrate my Bicentennial Blog Bonanza!



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