Just Another Rainy Sunday

It was a relaxing rainy Sunday at the cabin. Upon returning home I realized that my blog posts over the past few days had technological issues. In other words, my mom could not access my dog movie she wanted to watch on Friday. Plus this morning’s rainy day pictures never downloaded. What can I say? Between navigating the editing tools on WordPress and my limited internet speed out at our cabin, I struggled. Perhaps it’s best for me not to attempt publishing when I am out in the country.

I was excited to share that farm day footage of the puppies running carefree through the fields. Hopefully, if you turn down the volume, you can enjoy the peace that we experienced Friday afternoon. As for this morning, I simply wanted to show the picture of my spot on the sofa warmly inside our cabin, as Papa Bear worked to free his truck from the deep mud out in the pouring rain. He was successful.

We are back home, safe and sound. This week I will work to better understand and utilize the editing and publishing tools of WordPress. In the meantime, thank you for your patience. The technological struggle is real… I wish it were as easy as raising two aussiedoodles!

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