“I Don’t Feel Well, Mommy”

Sweet Summer, feel better soon!

“I don’t feel well, Mommy.” 

These were the words uttered from a child of mine early in the morning, signaling the possible onset of an illness. My response was always to immediately place the palm of my hand on his or her warm forehead. 

“Oh, sweet lamb.” (Just like my own mother used to say) I would tuck them back inside their covers and soothingly tell them to get a little rest while I go retrieve the thermometer and a damp wash cloth. Any plans I had for the day were now on hold as I tended to the needs of my sick child. Chicken noodle soup, a visit to the doctor, and keeping a nurturing vigil over my sweet baby were parts of the new agenda of my day.

Today Koda and Summer had big plans of visiting a “day camp” for dogs. It was going to be a day of assessing their compatibility with the different dog groupings. In an effort to increase their socializing with other dogs, I was looking into dog activities. I chose Tuesday as a day to give “Day Camp” a try. We were all set up for an early departure and drop off. I was excited for them to meet new friends and have a change of pace. I woke up early and went to brush their coats so they’d look good for Day Camp.

Summer squinted up at me, “I don’t fell well, Mommy.” Upon closer examination, I saw that she was not able to open her right eye. Poor sweet girl. Her eye was red and teary (maybe even a little goopy). She definitely was not her chipper wide-eyed self. I immediately dampened a clean wash cloth with warm water and gently pressed against her ailing eye. She snuggled into my soothing embrace, craving the tender care of her mama bear. 

“No Day Camp for you today, Summer.”  I pulled her curled body closer to mine and stroked the silky fur on her head, cooing “Sweet lamb.” With a quick cancellation call to the Day Camp facility, the agenda for our day was altered. She will now be resting and visiting the vet, and receiving all of the mama bear loving attention she needs until she feels better.

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