Summer is HANGRY, and I Feel Her Pain

Hangry Summer

Summer is hangry and I know just how she feels. Dieting sucks. You cannot stop thinking about food. You feel hungry even right after eating. You try chewing things to stave off your hunger, which only makes your jaw ache. Then you take on a slightly edgier personality one would define as “hangry.” 

It’s not fair Summer. I feel your pain girl. And while we are on that, how come your brother did not get all the flack from his weight gain? Koda actually was not at the vet and so we do not know exactly how much he put on even though it’s safe to say he is a little thick around the middle as well. Unfortunately you were at the vet for your eye (which has easily healed) and your weight was taken. Girl, numbers don’t lie. 10 pounds over our last visit a few months ago is just too big of a jump. I am sorry that it creeped up and that I gave you too much too often and too high calorie puppy food.

I personally think you are beautiful just the way you are Summer. You are strong and agile. You’re coat is soft and silky. So you are a bit thick waisted and have a little waddle to your gait, our long walks and energetic playtime with your brother can fix that. We also need to keep in mind what the doctor said, it’s math: calories in calories out. That’s not exactly what you want to hear when your stomach is growling. I’ll try to distract you with more walks, snuggles, and training. Please try to control your “hangryness” as it’s just not like you to be angsty, mounting Koda, steeling his toys, and chewing up things like remote controls.  Don’t worry girl, we got this!

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