Special Shout Out Today To Sisters

CE12C3A9-4FFF-442A-AC89-E713CB9EBD3F.jpegKoda is one lucky Aussiedoodle! He gets to  live his life side by side with his very own sister, Summer. Sisters are the best! I should know because I have three of my own. Brothers are pretty great too but I did not have any. Sisters can be kind, nurturing and let you follow them around. Sure they can also be bossy sometimes and not let you in their rooms or up on the sofa. Sisters laugh, cry and confide in one another. Sisters are having best friends in your life whether they are near of far. That’s where I feel pretty envious of Koda. He has his sister day and night to snuggle, play, wrestle, and walk with. He’s a lucky dog!

This post today is dedicated to my sister who lives in San Diego. It’s her birthday today! She is MamaBear to one son in college and two fur babies, Cookie and Gizmo. Adorable little dogs with personalities that fit their names! Sending my love and birthday wishes out to you in sunny California Sister Bear!


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