Target Moms: A Word of Praise

Highly recommend this blog to Mama Bears out there!

Driving the Big Van

Within ten feet of the front door there is a Starbucks. They have me at Hello. I don’t always buy a coffee. I don’t even know if I USUALLY buy a coffee…but I can. And that means something. You see, at home, if I want coffee…I have to make it. Or reheat what remains of the coffee my husband brewed in our early hours. But Target, Target has hot coffee waiting on us.

Sometimes we mamas have been sitting at home in a construction zone, avoiding laundry, and maxing out on Paw Patrol.  Sometimes the temperature is rising and our boxes of last year’s spring clothes are unavailable (See: Noise in the Attic: The Trap is Set if you don’t know about our attic visitor).  Sometimes it’s just that as a new mom, or a toddler mom, or a mom whose kids are all at school, you need to see…

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