Ho’omaika’iana Tinkerbell and Rosco!

Standing on the lush green lawn, with the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, I could hear the waves crashing below. The strong eastern island winds tossed my curly black hair high above my head. I stood next to my two older sisters, also a bit windblown, on this beautiful day as we witnessed the wedding of our little sister and future brother-in-law. 

The white gown against her surfing-sand-volleyball-tanned skin and her long dark brown hair made her the island princess. Her beauty was complimented by the handsome groom awaiting her arrival. The setting for this special ceremony was the majestic Maui island. It wasn’t  a destination chosen, but was actually the community and locale where my sister met and fell in love with her best friend and surfing buddy. Their love story began years before sitting atop boards waiting for the next set.  It was a beautiful day to celebrate their unique courtship.

Something, or should I say, someone, stole the show that day. Walking down the aisle of grass was the sweetest pair of pups that I could just cry remembering. Two different dogs, one my sister’s, the other belonging to the groom, were joined in matrimony (well sort of). They did not exchange vows, but they did wear little flower leis and walked along to the ukulele.  Tinkerbell was a dainty little precious white dog, accompanied by Rosco who was huskier wearing a dark brown coat. They were the flower girl and the ring bearer, or maybe more like the maid of honor and the best man. They were both treasured, each as a much loved fur baby of the bachelor and bachelorette. Tinkerbell and Rosco were coming together as one family on this day too. They got along well early on, which was a good omen for my sister and her new husband. It was the beginning of their ohana.

Ho’omaika’i ‘ana.

*Dedicating this blog today to the memories of sweet Tinkerbell and Rosco. And to my awesome Brother-in-Law-Bear, whose birthday is today!  

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