Surprise! We have a NEW ADDITION to our family!

Today is an exciting day in the Grizzlybearma Family. After weeks of searching, finding, and then waiting for adoption day, the time has arrived! Little Lady Sansa, a three month old gray tabby kitten has joined our family! She has been here less than five hours and we are already in love with this tiny fur baby. Just in case there are some folks out there who may be scratching their heads wondering where this decision came from, let me explain.

Our sweet Kitty of 16 years passed away back in October. Kitty was the best cat ever! I say that, even though I grew up with cats (sorry Lolly, Charlie, Meanie, and Mezzoculo). She was the best! Kitty survived life with four rambunctious kids, three moves, and then two aussiedoodle puppies. Kitty and Dot (our Australian Shepherd) were best buds, chilling and chasing, lounging and lunging, for a good 14 years. When Dot died, Kitty took care of our broken hearts. Cats are so different than dogs, and we just felt our family was incomplete after Kitty was gone. 

Recently, we decided we were ready and began our search to adopt a kitten. I passed the interview with flying colors especially when the woman from the humane society called my friend as a reference and she said, “any cat that gets this family will have hit the jackpot!” We have a lot of love to give, and the experience to know what we are getting into.

Tomorrow on my blog I will give a full description and more pictures of Sansa. I need to observe her in detail to write about her. Koda and Summer have not been introduced and will probably not meet her these first few days. It’s all about making Sansa comfortable in her new home. Meanwhile the puppies got a four mile walk in and are sound asleep on the sectional sofa. Lady Sansa is upstairs in an area with cozy blankets, food, water, litter box, toys, and her super excited big Brother Bear. Welcome to the family Sansie!


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