Not to Compare My Children with Each Other, but…

It’s not so good for a mother to compare her children with one another. Each one is unique. It is also probably not a good idea for me to compare puppies to kittens. But just for today, I am going to point something out. Plain and simple, there is a distinct difference in cleanliness. Puppies make messes chewing up things, digging up gardens, and unstuffing toys. Some of their messes are not their fault, like when they are learning to potty outside. It takes time for them to learn how to let me know by going to the back door. Puppy paws track in mud. These Aussiedoodles trail water from their beards. I love them, but Koda and Summer are messy.

It may surprise non-cat people that kittens are quite clean. They are very quick to find and learn to use their litter boxes. Sansa is only 3 months old and she’s a pro. Cats also keep themselves clean by self-grooming. It is another sign that Sansa is settling in well. She bathed after a morning nap in the sun., licking and pawing at her silky gray and white coat. She is playful with toys but has yet to disembowel the stuffing from the little fish she loves. The only mess in her environment would be

the fuzzy blankets haphazardly placed around the room for her snuggling comfort. And I suppose I should mention the litterbox.  Otherwise she is one clean kitten!

I love you all, Koda, Summer and Sansa! Very soon you will combine messes and snuggles!

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