Mama Bear? Or Fox Mama? Get It Together Mamas!

I am a mama bear through and through, naming my blog Grizzlybearma because of how ferociously I protect and care for my cubs. I have been known to rush down to the elementary school in a moments notice when one of my children had any problem. I’ve emailed teachers, met with counselors, and sought out the help of tutors when it was necessary. My intention was always focussed on helping my children succeed, which in my mind, meant reaching their potentials.

What is taking place out there right now in the college admissions scandal is completely bonkers. These mother bears have lost their perspectives. They have acted more like sly fox mamas cheating the system and stealing admission spots from hardworking students. There are many people to blame in this circus of deceit: the ring leader who purported to help families navigate the college admissions process, the paid proctors who doctored exams, the college coaches who accepted bribe money to falsely guise these students as incoming athletes, the admissions personnel that may have suspected something but looked away, and the families.

The parents are who I fault the most. You have lost your minds, Moms and Pops! Your child will not benefit at all from your “help” and participating in this charade to skip past the channels that the rest of the kids navigate for admissions spots at elite schools. The saddest part I see is that you parents are missing the real point, there is a college out there just right for your son or daughter. Even if they had their hearts set on a top Ivy, you need to support them as they accept the rejection and then find the right fit for them.

Sometimes we mama bears lose our cool and can act irrationally. I once scolded a hairdresser at a Kiddie Cuts for shaving my two year old son’s head at his first haircut. I kind of went a little nuts and even cried standing over the hair covered floor. We have our moments. These mama foxes and papa foxes had enough time to think over their actions, so there is no excuse. I only hope that other parents will learn something from this scandal being exposed. 

Parenthood is not easy. We want the best for our kids (human and fur baby) and we need to support them. Love them, read to them, help with homework (but don’t do their science project for them), take them on walks, listen to them, nurture their gifts, snuggle them, and most of all, let them grow and follow the path they choose. 


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